Operation Hairy Gibbon


Hello Momu readers!

I have got a very special thing to tell you about today – Operation Hairy Gibbon.  This is a secret mission that the lads at the boy’s house went on the other week to see what they could do about drone attacks and also about boar attacks.  If you remember the lads set up the Boar Defence League a while ago to investigate strange snorting noises that appeared in the night (they can only really be coming from a boar – it is the only explanation) and this latest mission is to go along with that.

The lads also have a problem with drones attacking them at night time if the windows are left open – they think that these drones are being sent by the boar to spy on them, so they need investigating too.

So the lads set up a mission to practice what they would do when they next come under attack by the boar and his drones.  They sent some pictures for you to have a look at – don’t pass them on, they are top top top secret!


Fuzz on the lookout (he looks fierce here doesn’t he?)


Conran, Robert and KC discussing the next move


The other lads have a feeling the three of them might just be having a general chat here…


Klaus getting ready for what he has to do next – a woolly hat is always useful.

Advance attack

Advance Attack with Simon Si, Klaus and Henry Leonard Porpington

Arial drone simulation (1)

Arial drone simulation with Henry Leonard Porpington

Daytime watch

Daytime watch with most of the lads, but mainly Froome, Stuart, Travis and Toby (Froome looks like he might be having a snooze, very suspicious)

Nighttime watch

Nightime watch with Toby and Higs

Fast drone simulation attack

Fast drone simulation attacks with Henry Leonard Porpington

It has all been very busy as you can see.  We have not heard anything about the results of the missions, but when we get the files we will fill you in.  As long as you promise not to pass on any sensitive information to the boar and his drones.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Momu Meets….Travis


Hello Momu Fans!

I hope you are all OK and not too chilly in the wintry weather.

It has been pointed out to me by a certain someone that I haven’t introduced him yet, so I thought I would do a little post on him otherwise he might be offended.


Momu: What’s your name?

Travis: Hi everyone my name is Travis.  I’m a tiger – obviously, see I am all stripy.

M: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

T: I am a tiger who enjoys working things out and watching TV with the other lads. Sometimes there are things on the TV that are quite informative (although the boy doesn’t tend to like these ones so much for some reason) and that you can join in on which is fun.  I like Sherlock the best at the moment – although I am cross that it has finished already, three episodes is not enough.  I worked out the last episode in about three minutes.  The humans don’t believe me, but it is true – promise.

I also have a long tail – I think it is still growing, which is weird…

M: How old are you?

T: I don’t really know – I have been in the same house as the boy for a few human years, but I have only been with the boy and the other lads for a shortish time.  I like it here, there is much more going on all the time.

M: What’s your favourite way to spend an evening?

T: Solving mysteries mainly.  We don’t have many of them here to be honest, but I jump at the chance to solve any that pop up.  The main mystery tends to be finding things that the boy thinks he has lost, they are usually very close by and he just can’t see them or he has sat on them a bit.  Silly boy.  I am also involved in the Boar Defence League – but I can’t say too much about that, top secret and all…

Oh and snoozing, I love snoozing!

M: Do you have a best lad friend?

T: I like hanging out with Toby and Steve, but all the lads are friends here.  I prefer to be around lads and people who won’t poke me when I am snoozing (naming no names, BOY!).  I like to sleep with my paws over my eyes – I mean how much more asleep can you look really?  Tsk…

So there you go, Travis is pleased to finally be introduced to you all (he has been looking at me funny for ages and I have only worked out that this is why…)

More soon,

Love Momu. x