Star Wars


Hello Momu Fans,

Do you remember that a big lad called Boba Fett turned up earlier this year?

Well two other Star Wars lads came too – first little Stormtrooper

Then a big Sandtrooper.

Little Stormtrooper got in the big Sandtrooper’s special case before he did as a joke – we laughed and laughed when we saw the pictures.

Have you had any surprise guests lately?  We do like them, as long as they are lads and not humans mainly.

More soon,

Love Momu. x



Boba Fett and the Lights

Momu Small

Hello Momu Readers!

Do you remember us introducing you to the Door Guardian recently?  Well he has had his house thing jazzed up a bit.

Here he is in his normal environment;

Fett Lights Nearly

And here he is when the sun goes to sleep;

Fett Lights

OOOHHH!  The lads at the boys house are ever so impressed.  They do say that when they are watching films and things on the big telly, they keep getting distracted by the bright lights on the Boba Fett house.  It is very cool. (But not when you are actually wanting to watch a very important lad film.)

Do you like it too?

More soon,

Love Momu. x



Guardian of the Door


Hello Momu Readers!

The lads and me have some very exciting news to tell you today.  Are you ready to meet the latest addition to our merry band?!

He may not be cuddly like the rest of us, but he is very cool and useful all the same.

The boy did have to build him though, which was odd- Bluey helped, which was nice.


Here is the box of bits and pieces.


Here is the big protective box that he will go in – isn’t it big?  Look how small Bluey looks next to it.

All Done

All made!  Do you know who it is?  The girl didn’t so much, but the boy was super excited to meet him – Boba Fett!

In Position

Here he is in position – ready to guard the door from unexpected boar and drone attacks should they come.

How exciting!

More soon,

Love Momu. x