Meet Clifford


Hello again Momu Fans!

We have a new lad – this is always a very exciting time for us.  There are things to learn about the new lad and things to teach them about being part of the Motley Crew (it’s very easy – mooching mainly).

This is Clifford;


Doesn’t he look friendly? (He is.)  The girl spotted him the other day in something called a garage sale (we don’t really understand why a lad was being sold in a sale of garages, but never mind) and had to bring him home with her.  We are glad that she did, because apart from being a friendly lad and someone who we like to mooch with, Clifford is also very good at carrying things.  And things can also mean small lads;

Clifford Carrying Momu


This means that when the girl goes out with only a little bit of her own stuff, Clifford says the other space he has can be used for the little-y lads.  This is very exciting stuff, and it is very fun too and Clifford likes to get taken out for walks sometimes with the girl, so everyone’s a winner – yay!

Clifford and Momu

Have you made any new friends recently?

More soon,

Love Momu. x