Bluey’s New Book


Hello Momu Fans!

Do you remember that Bluey has been helping the boy to grow chillies?  Well he ordered a special chilli book ages ago, and he has been waiting and waiting for the postman to bring it.

Bluey waiting for the postman - he is behind the tree

There is the postman hiding behind the tree – can you see him?

Bluey's new book

And it finally arrived! ¬†Here is Toby helping Bluey to have a little look at it – isn’t it a pretty book?

Chilli Plant

Here is one of the chilli plants from last year – it is looking very lovely after Bluey read some tips about cutting some of the bits off the plant to help it grow better.

We will have to see if the book will help the other little seeds to grow into big plants too.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Chilli Planting


Hello Momu Fans!

The boy has been trying to grow some chilli plants again (he seems to try this every year and sometimes it works, but other times it does not).

This year seems to be a bit of a bad start to the attempt.

Chillis Needing Light

They look a little bit weedy don’t they?

So the boy decided that he would get them a fancy growing light.

Disco Chilli Lights

The lads think that really it is a disco and have been enjoying themselves near it.

Lads and the Chilli Lights

Do you think that it might have helped the plants?

Chillis are touch and go

Maybe – still early days, but the lads have their paws crossed.

More soon,

Love Momu. x