Chilli News


Hello Momu Fans!

The lads at the boy’s house are very busy at the moment.  There are the usual things like Boar and Drone watches they are also adding Chilli Watch to their duties. They boy has planted some more chillis to go along with the ones he is already growing.

Secret Pictures of Chillis 2 April

They don’t look very exciting in this picture do they?  But the boy’s lads assured us that they would be exciting soon enough.

Bluey seems to be the main Chilli Watcher/Chilli Growing Helper Lad, and he seems to have done some magic.

Bluey and the Chillis

Yippee!  The chillis are even bigger than Bluey – and he will tell you, he is quite a big lad.

We will keep our paws crossed that there will be some fruits soon.  Yippee!

More soon,

Love Momu. x