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Hello Momu Fans!

Me and the other lads are ever so excited because it is very nearly Christmas time.  We like Christmas because it means extra snoozing time and snuggling under the duvet is allowed even more than usual.  It also means that the humans get presents, which sometimes means a new lad.  We have our paws crossed for some new lads this year too.

We like being warm in bed and seeing the chilliness outside – we don’t like to be outside much in the winter.  The boy has been playing games on the computer a bit in the evenings when it is dark, and it has been ever so exciting watching a football game or a tomb being raided.  The lads are obviously in charge of certain things to do with the games, and we are enjoying ourselves a lot.

What do you like to do when it is winter or very nearly Christmas?

More soon,

Love Momu. x


We are all of a dither


Hello Momu readers!

I hope you haven’t missed us all too much while we have been away.  We have been sorting out a lot of things here with the humans – they have got a lot going on at the moment and need all the help they can get if we are honest.

The lads who stayed at the boy’s for Christmas wanted me to show you the lights and decorations that they helped to put up there.  It is a little bit late, but they thought you might like to see them anyway.

Christmas tree up

The tree is up!

Lights on

Yippee! Lights!

Book shelf lights

They also put up lights on the bookselves, which they liked (I think they make the lads look a tiny bit sinister…)

The lads and me like Christmas ever so much, and we are looking forward to it being Christmas time again soon (don’t tell the boy, he will be cross if we start counting down already), not so long to go really if you think about it.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


We went on an adventure!

Yippee!  It is wintery and frosty outside which means that it is nearly Christmas – us lads love love love Christmas!  After all one of us is in fact a Christmas Reindeer, which is the best kind of lad to be at Christmas.


(That’s me by the way.)

Some of us managed to hitch a ride on a train to go to the Country Living Christmas Fair down in London the other week.  Lads like trains, and they like Christmas, so this was a good day to have for some of the tiny lads among us.

the journey

This is Wol and Flynte getting a little overwhelmed by the whole experience.  (Flynte did compose himself and spent the rest of the day in a more acceptable manner.)


This is Tiny Tim watching the world go by on the train down to London – he was excited to see that the ‘Lympic Park was still there safe and sound.




This is the Fair.  It was massive and busy.  We were glad that we were little enough to be hidden in a bag.  We had a little snooze when things got a little bit too much – shhhh!

momu and rudolf

momu and santa

I even met another reindeer (he did not have a Christmas jumper on unfortunately) and even saw Santa!  Yippee!

free drinks

On the way home the humans managed to get first class seats – this meant that the boy and the girl got a free drink – yummy!

train home

This is all of us next to the sign that told the humans that they could have even more free stuff – quite nice to be posh sometimes!

We love trains and Christmas and adventures, and this was a lovely day.  We are looking forward to some more adventures soon and also of course Christmas itself.  Not long to go now everyone!


More soon,

Love Momu. x



Adventure Ahoy!



Hello everyone!

Sorry we have been quiet for a little while – we have been getting ready for an adventure which starts tomorrow!  It is all ever so exciting – some of the tiny lads and me are going for a trip to London with the humans.  We are hoping to see lots of exciting things and also some pretty Christmas lights too.

Ratty says that maybe we can go and see the things that he saw when he went down to the city;

Ratty at the Palace

We will have to see what happens.

Adventure report to follow when we get back next week!

Hope you all have a fun time until then.

More soon,

Love Momu. x