New Detectives in Town


Well hello there Momu fans!

How have you all been?  We have been busy with lots of lad things – mainly mooching and snoozing and sometimes enjoying the sunshine.  Just as things should be really – nice and relaxed.

The boy had a birthday recently and we were ever so excited because we knew that a new lad was about to come.  This was Higs – he is a tiny little dog (he looks very serious).  He has decided that he would quite like to solve crimes and mysteries after hearing what Travis and Watson get up to sometimes. He also decided that he should really get himself a crime solving partner – all the best detectives have one, plus he didn’t want to do things on his own.  This meant that the boy had to go hunting for another lad to join us.  He went on to the computer and found someone who looked ace.

The new lad was named Pippo, and he had a bit of a journey in the post;


But he was all snuggled up;


Here he is all safe and sound!

out the pod

Here he is with his new mystery solving partner Higs;

Pippo and Higgs

Aren’t they smart?

We are ever so pleased that they are here with us – lets hope for some good mysteries (that are not too scary) for them to solve soon.  Travis and Watson are also looking forward to having some friendly competition to see who can solve the crimes first.

More soon,

Love Momu. x

PS: Higs says he would quite like a hat – the girl had better get making.

PPS: Jumbah says he won at University Challenge again last week.