Momu goes literary


Hello Momu Fans!

Just a quick note from me today to let you know that the lads and me have a new blog all about the books we read with the girl.

The lads have read one book with her so far, but are busy reading a lot more at the moment so they can write about things for you, and then you might like to read them too.

You can find Momu and His Literary Crew here – we hope that you enjoy it.

More soon,

Love Momu x


Guardian of the Door


Hello Momu Readers!

The lads and me have some very exciting news to tell you today.  Are you ready to meet the latest addition to our merry band?!

He may not be cuddly like the rest of us, but he is very cool and useful all the same.

The boy did have to build him though, which was odd- Bluey helped, which was nice.


Here is the box of bits and pieces.


Here is the big protective box that he will go in – isn’t it big?  Look how small Bluey looks next to it.

All Done

All made!  Do you know who it is?  The girl didn’t so much, but the boy was super excited to meet him – Boba Fett!

In Position

Here he is in position – ready to guard the door from unexpected boar and drone attacks should they come.

How exciting!

More soon,

Love Momu. x



Adventure Ahoy!



Hello everyone!

Sorry we have been quiet for a little while – we have been getting ready for an adventure which starts tomorrow!  It is all ever so exciting – some of the tiny lads and me are going for a trip to London with the humans.  We are hoping to see lots of exciting things and also some pretty Christmas lights too.

Ratty says that maybe we can go and see the things that he saw when he went down to the city;

Ratty at the Palace

We will have to see what happens.

Adventure report to follow when we get back next week!

Hope you all have a fun time until then.

More soon,

Love Momu. x