Froome and Le Tour de France

Froome here,

Just wanted to know if you were enjoying watching The Tour this year? It is ever such fun to watch the humans go up mountains and go really fast on their bikes. And you can also see some very very nice bits of France as the helicopter cameras go around following the riders.

If you haven’t seen any of it, I think you should probably give it a try.


Happy bike watching,

Love Froome. x


Vive le Tour!

Hey guys – still enjoying the sunshine, or is it making you all flustered and sticky?  Freddy has barely moved since yesterday.

I thought instead of doing a Momu Meets thingummyjig about this chap, I would show you Pig Wiggins in a different way.

Pig Wiggins

Pig Wiggins has been living at the girl’s flat for almost exactly a year.  He was bought to celebrate the fact that Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France last year (this is a peculiar event where lots of boys get on bikes and ride up and down mountains for three weeks.  Lots of people go along to watch and scream at them.  Some don’t wear anything but their pants and another dresses up like the Devil and jumps around).

Pig Wiggins likes to watch the highlights of the Tour on the television every evening when the girl gets home from work (the boy watches the whole thing live and tries very hard not to give anything away).  He has been sitting here on the sofa all comfy and chilled for the best part of three weeks now.

Pig Wiggins says one day he would like to ride in the Tour.  We think he may have a tummy that is too fat and legs that are too short for all that malarky.  He says failing riding the Tour, he would really like to see it go past one day instead.

Roll on Yorkshire for the start of next year’s race we reckon!


More soon,

Love Momu. x