Hello Momu readers!

If you remember, Freddy has been enjoying some sunshine lately, but he is a little bit cross because he has not been in it as much as Toby.  We suddenly thought that you might not know who Toby is!

Toby is a lad who looks a lot like Freddy – we think they might be brothers or something, but they do look a little bit different if you know what to look for.  For example, Freddy has a lot more of a bedhead kind of look because he has been snoozing and mooching for longer than Toby.  Toby says that he is slowly catching up with Freddy on this score.

Toby came from the boy’s house – we think he might have been staying with the boy’s mum for a while.  We are not sure why he moved into the boy’s room, but we are ever so happy that he did, whatever the reason.

Toby and Freddy like to spend time together whenever the boy visits the girl – they like to dance to some TV programme’s music (their favourite is the new Casualty theme tune – they say it is jazzy and good for jumping around to).

Here is a little photograph of Freddy and Toby sitting together (quietly for a change, we quite like it when they are like this sometimes) – can you tell who is who? (No?!  We can’t either…)

Toby and Freddy

More soon,

Love Momu. x