Hello there Momu Fans!

Phew-y it has been hot lately!  Lads like to be warm and cosy as you know Рit is very good for mooching purposes Рbut we have been ever so hot lately. (Being completely made of fur does not help matters much.)

I don’t think that the heat has agreed with Pippo much – he seems to have developed some wild fur;

Pippo Bed Head

It kind of suits him, but he says he is looking forward to it calming down ever so slightly so he can feel more normal again.

We do like the sunshine though, it is nice to be able to sit outside like Freddy and Monkey did last year – it is one of their favourite things to do.


Yippee for the summer!

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Huff, Puff – it is HOT!

Hello everyone!  Sorry there has been no word from us for a little while, but we have been trying to do as little as possible because it is so hot here.

Freddy says he likes the sun, but this is verging on too much even for him.

He says all he can do is this:

Freddy 1

With occasional breaks for this:

Freddy 2


More soon (ish – depending on the heat levels…)

Love Momu. x