Clifford’s New Job


Hello Momu readers!  I hope you are all OK today.


Clifford (I hope you remember him, he is super) has been asked to do a new job for the girl once a week.  She does something called running at a club once a week (sounds far too energetic to us moochy lads) and sometimes needs to take a few things with her.  Clifford is exactly the right size for the job, and as he likes to go out and see the world once in a while, he said that he wouldn’t mind helping out at all.

He went to help the other week and this week, and was a bit confused as to what the humans were really doing.  He says that the girl and the other humans were just running round and round a track (he was sitting in the middle watching things) and getting puffier and redder every time they came past him.  Then after a human hour, they stopped, said thanks to everyone and went home.  He says it was very odd.  But he did enjoy the walk there and back and saw some nice things like flowers and horses, and he said the time sitting on the grass was fun.

Humans are bizarre sometimes.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Momu Meets Corey Feltdog

Momu Small

Hello Momu readers!

I hope you are all fine and dandy today.

I am going to introduce you to a new lad today.  Exciting or what?

This is Corey Feltdog;


He arrived a couple of months ago and has the same birthday as Whitey (except that Whitey is a lot of lad years older, shhhh!)

A few of us were watching a film with the humans on the girl’s birthday – it was called The Lost Boys (we are not sure why, as they seemed to be in the film the whole time and not lost at all).  There was one person in it whose real name is Corey Feltman, and we liked him and thought that the new lad should have the same name.  We had to change the name a little bit because our Corey is a dog and not a man, and we didn’t want things to be confusing, so we called him Corey Feltdog.

Corey Feltdog enjoys mooching (as all good lads should) and has made good friends with Bill, Snowy, Freddy and Bear especially.  They all sit and watch for the horses that go past the window sometimes, they say it is ever such good fun.


Cory is almost never sad , and his cheery face can cheer up even the most grumpy human.  Yippee!

Cory and Momu

More soon,

Love Momu. x