Adventures in London


Hello Momu readers!

How have you been lately?  We have all been OK (although Jumbah was a little bit lost without University Challenge to watch last night) and have been enjoying some sunshine – Freddy is very happy about this.

So to very exciting news of our adventures in London!  The girl took me and Whitey to London on Saturday – we went on a train and then met the girl’s sister and went on another train to go and see Miranda Hart be silly for a couple of hours at somewhere called the O2 arena.  It was huge!

The O2 is big

Those people down there look about as big as me and I am tiny – we were very high up!

Getting ready to be brave and pop out of the bag

We got to our seats and we had to be very brave before we peeped out of the girl’s bag – it was quite scary.

Look how high up we are

But then we managed to get out and see everything properly – it was such fun!

Yippee!We didn’t understand some of the things that Miranda was talking about, but everyone else seemed to laugh a lot, so we think it must have been alright.  We were just happy to have an adventure – and it is always nice to have an adventure with another lad (especially if it is his birthday treat and it in a very good chatty mood) so you can be happy together.

Here’s to some more adventures!

More soon,

Love Momu. x