Operation Fatty Sausage

Hello Momu Fans, 

I have a report for you today on a covert operation the lads carried out a few weeks ago at the boy’s house involving simulated attacks by drones and boars. 

Here is a rare photo of talks before the operation began. 


15 simulates attacks on two lad rooms

14 repelled

1 loss due to overwhelming attacks from 10+ boars and 100+ drones

Final lad decision based on operation – NEED MORE LADS

The humans are on it. 

More soon,

Love Momu. x


More Sunshine – Yippee!


Hello Momu Readers!

I am here with the (pesky) Micro Lads to tell you that the lads have been enjoying some more sunshine – what treats!

Lads in the sun March 2nd

It seems that at the moment, we have one or two days of lovely sunshine but then it goes away again for about a week.  Booo!

We are very much hoping that the sunshine will want to stay around for a little while longer very soon.

Have you had some sunshine where you are?  We do like it.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Book Guardians

Momu Small

Hello again Momu Readers!

There are a few lads at the boy’s house who like to sit near the books on the shelf and they wanted to show you some of the books that they look after as part of their lad duties.

Book Collection

They say that some of the books sound like they might be a bit rude – they haven’t looked at those ones very closely though.

More soon,

Love Momu. x