Hello Momu Fans!

We got an extra day mooching around at home over last weekend because the girl is a little bit crazy and decided to run around doing a 10k race in the morning on Saturday.  This meant that we didn’t go into the shop and got to laze around mooching and snoozing – yippeeeee!

Holkham 10k

We think that we probably deserve a nice day off because soon it will be very very busy in the shop when summer really starts.  We have another week of having a day off and then we will be working ever so hard every single day for 9 and a bit weeks.  We feel sleepy even thinking about it!

More soon,

Love Momu x




Hello Momu Fans!

So here in England, it seems to be getting a bit cold and autumnal.  This is good in one way because it gives us a lot more time for mooching and snoozing.  On the other paw, it means that it seems slightly sad outside with the leaves falling from the trees and the wind blowing away.

The lads have been lazing around for a lot of the time –


Lads under the duvet in the cold spell in July


Lazies… Yippee!!

More soon,

Love Momu. x