Hello Momu Readers!

We have had some new lads come to live with us recently – here they are;

Rowan and Snap Dragon

This is Rowan and Snap Dragon.

Peter and Firestorm

This is Peter welcoming Firestorm.

Temeraire and Sorrel

And here are Temeraire and Sorrel, busy keyring explorer lads.

It’s ever so exciting when new lads come!

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Mr Fox (Stewart)


Hello Momu Readers!

The humans recently bought a big fox lad for the boy’s mum for her birthday.  He did spend some time in the shop so that he could be a surprise, and then he went home with the boy.

Here is Mr Fox in his brand new garden.

Mr Fox

He says his name is Stewart (with a W, not to be confused with Stuart with a U)

More soon,

Love Momu x


Peter. The new lad. 

Hello Momu Fans!

We have a new lad in our midst!! Happy days!

We rescued him from a 1940s festival the humans went to the other week, and he was ever so excited when he came back home to see how many lads were there waiting to say hello.

Here he is with Pig Wiggins having a look at a new book the girl got the other day. 

Freddy and Toby think he might be a long lost cousin, as he looks a little bit like them. 

Peter has been coming into the shop with me, the micro lads and other lads too, he says he is enjoying himself a lot. 

Have you made any new friends lately?

More soon,

Love Momu. x


New Lad Alert!!!


Hello Momu Fans,

I thought I would pop by and tell you some ever such exciting news – a new lad has arrived!

He came home with the girl the other day, and he is settling in nicely.

Boris and the lads

Here he is with some of the elder lads – he might go and sit with them a lot as he is quite a big lad really.

We had a little bit of a discussion about what his name might be (he wasn’t sure because he had been roaming for a while before the girl rescued him, and he says that he had completely forgotten his original name if he even had one).

The boy thought his name should be Rosco and the girl thought Boris.

There was only one way to decide it – flip a coin! Head for Boris, tails for Rosco.


Here is Derek and Cory Feltdog looking to see which way it landed.  HEADS!

So here is Boris;


Isn’t he smart?

More soon,

Love Momu. x