Momu Meets….Spike!


Hi Momu fans!

I thought that you would like to officially meet Spike after seeing him on his travels in London the other day.


Spike is a little green owl who was made by the girl’s sister over the summer (Freddy asks if you remember what the summer is – he hasn’t seen the sun for absolutely ages, and is beginning to think that it might not come back at all).

We thought that as Spike is a very tiny lad, he would make a great travelling companion for us in London as he wouldn’t take up much room in a small bag (squishy). ¬†We hadn’t banked on the fact that Spike would be extremely excited about a trip to London and he was very fidgety and zoomy in the bag – he likes to zoom around as he is a little bit like a circle.

Apart from that Spike was very good company – if you don’t mind the occasional zoom in the head from an over excited twittering owl…

We will take him on another adventure soon, as long as he promises to try and keep the zooming to a mimimum where at all possible.

More soon,

Love Momu. x