Neat lads


Hello Momu Fans!

The lads are sometimes a little bit naughty and they are pesky and try and do things that are funny but probably a bit annoying to the humans. They do love us, so they don’t really get too cross, but the lads do like to be good every so often so that the humans like us even more.

Here are the lads being very neat at the boy’s house – they are usually trying to get as much space as possible and being pesky.

More soon,

Love Momu x


The Micro Lads Explore


Hello Momu Fans,

The Micro Lads have been in an exploring kind of mood in the shop recently.  They do like to mooch and mainly they are good, and sometimes they are a little bit pesky.

Here they are having a good old mooch around the shop, the girl was trying to catch them for ages, but they are very quick animals.


Purple Ted is being a tiny bit pesky in this picture, but not much.


Tee hee – Purple Ted is very nearly too small for this box, he says this is odd as he is quite a big bear really.


Perfect sized houses for the micro lads – shame there are no working doors here…

Do you like to explore?

More soon,

Love Momu. x