It is very nearly Christmas!

momu and santa

Hello Momu Fans!

It’s very very nearly Christmas time!  Us lads are getting ever so ever so excited now – only a few more days to go!  We are looking forward to giving our presents to the humans and perhaps getting a present in return (you never can tell with humans).

We do hope that you are having a lovely Christmassy time leading up to the big day, and have some nice things lined up to give to the people that you love the most in the world.  We have been in touch with Santa, and he says he is ever so busy getting all the presents ready for everyone and we hope that he will bring you a little something that you will like too.

More soon.

Love Momu. x



Christmas is coming!


Hello there Momu Readers!

We are ever so excited at the moment, because Christmas is coming!  We have been waiting for ages for it to happen again – it seems like it has been almost a whole year since it last happened… You can remind yourself of our last Christmas by looking at this page here.  (Yippee!)

This year the boy and the girl are going to be together again – this means, more importantly that most of us lads will all be together for a week or so too!  This is very good news indeed.

We are hoping to get a little present from the humans this year, but we are not allowed to ask what it is going to be.  This is a little bit annoying, because Christmas seems very far away when you are waiting for it to come.  We have been told it is a good present, and that we will just have to wait for a little bit longer to get it.  Apparently it is only abut 20 days to go until then.

We have got the boy something good this year – but he isn’t allowed to ask anything about his present either if we can’t ask about ours.  But we are ever so excited about giving him his present at Christmas too.  We think that maybe we like giving things more that we like getting things, but it is a very close call for lads.

In the meantime, we will be snuggling, mooching and getting ready for the big day in true lad style.  We will tell you more as we get round to doing the lad style things.  We hope that you are excited about Christmas, and also keeping warm and cosy (it has been very cold outside recently, but luckily we have a fire here at the girl’s mum’s house where we are staying for a little while – the boy made a huge fire yesterday and we all nearly melted – but at least we weren’t cold…)

More soon,

Love Momu. x