Hello Momu Fans,

I thought I would show you some behind the scenes pictures of the lads at the shop.  Everyday, as you know, the Micro Lads and Flynte come along with me to the shop when it is open with the girl and keep her company in case it is quiet.

What you may not know is that some other lads come along as well.  One is Peter, who is pretty much one of us – he comes almost everyday.  The other lads that come can be almost anyone.  Here are a couple of pictures from last week to show you who popped along to keep the girl company.


Flynte did an accidental high kick when he sat down for this photo – he is ever so good at them.  Here he is with the usual lads and Tommy V and Tod.


Flynte is also very good at looking like his is lounging and snoozing – he says he isn’t, he is very much alert and ready, it just appears that he is asleep.  All the woodland crew came in this day – it was a very busy bag on the journey in.


Here is posh lad Barley and G who came in with us – Purple Ted has a tendency to be pesky if he thinks he can get away with it.  G is a softy and usually lets him get away with is.  Tsk.

So there you go – lots of lads doing top secret behind the scenes work at the shop.  The only thing that the boy knows about what goes on is who comes to the shop – we send him a photo every day so he can see us.  Apart from that a lad’s work is very hush hush you know.

More soon,

Love Momu x


Micro Lads are Hiding


Hello Momu Fans!

The micro lads (remember them?) have been busy getting into mischief.  They say it is fun to run around and hide from the humans so that they can’t be easily found.  They play a game while they are in the shop with the girl where they hide in the things that the humans sell and then the girl takes their picture and sends it to the boy to see if he can spot them all.

They thought you might like to play along too sometimes.

August 18

They thought they would show you this photo of themselves so you could have a good look at what they look like before they run off and hide.

Ready to spot?

June 23


More soon,

Love Momu. x


Flynte’s Story with the Micro Lads


Hello there Momu Readers!

Flynte wanted to pop by and tell you about something that happened the other day.


Hi everyone, Flynte here.  I usually go to the shop with the girl everyday, and as you may know some of the more recent lad additions – the Micro Lads – always come along too.  Usually they are very good, but recently they have been getting very mischievous.  They can be seen looking around the gallery, hiding from humans and the rest of the lads, and generally being a little bit cheeky.

Most days the girl takes a photo of who has come with her to the shop to send to the boy so he can join in on some of the fun, usually all the lads are very good and pose nicely for the photo.  The other day, the micro lads thought they would have a joke and all jump on me just as the photo was being taken.

Flynte being attacked by the micro lads

I was not overly happy.  The girl told the boy and the other lads this, and they sent me a photo of them with lots of blankets and hankies for me to look at to cheer me up a bit.

Here is the photo they sent;

Blankets and Hankies

Here is me looking at the photo in the shop;

Flynte looking at his photo

It did cheer me up a bit.  Pesky micro lads, they do get up to a lot of stuff now.  Perhaps Momu can write about their adventures soon.

That’s it from me anyway – hope you are all well, and managing to escape being jumped on by micro lads.

There you go then readers – Flynte’s little adventure which happened a lot by accident.  Those micro lads can be very naughty!

More soon,

Love Momu. x



Momu and the Micro Lads


Hello Momu Fans!

It is all go here with new lads!  This is one of the best kind of times if you are a lad because it means that there are new friends to get to know.  We can also teach them all they need to know about being a lad. Most of this comes very naturally to lads – mooching is the best thing a lad can do and we all seem to be extremely good at it.

The other day three new lads came to the house.

We were ever so excited – and even more excited when we saw who they were.

Look how tiny they are!  We have had to make up a whole new class of lad to fit them into.  These three are now known as the Micro Lads.


Here is Purple Ted

Here is Chequered Ted

And here is Big Head Ted (this is not meant to be rude, just a fact really)

The humans thought they would be quite good as lads to help in their shop because they are so tiny.  They are going to help me on something called Twitter (this has nothing to do with birds as I found out) and try to get people to come and look at the lovely things the humans have for sale.


More soon,

Love Momu. x