Drone Defence


Hello Momu Fans!

We have had some intel from the lads that live with the boy mainly.  They have managed to get some helpers to help them against the drones that pop in to the house at night times and bomb the lads and the boy.


It seems a little bit weird to us – because these look suspciously like monsters to us – but apparently these helpers can eat certain drones.  Which is helpful.

Hopefully the drone problem (which seems to be a lot worse at the boy’s house than here at the girl’s – perhaps he is accidentally leaving out treats that the drones like to eat or something) will get a bit better now the lads have some more helpers.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


A tour of the new house


Hi everyone!  It’s sunny today so we thought we would tell you a little bit about the house that we live in now.  Exciting, right?

The house is big compared to the small flats and houses that the girl has lived in for the last few years, but our main part of it (the bed) is exactly the same, so we are perfectly at home!

There is a big garden full of plants and trees (it is far too big for us to explore on our own – it would take us hours to get across from one side to the other).

We have also noticed that the girl’s dad has a tendency to collect old stuff, and we cannot work out a reason for this.  We have spotted a lot of furniture and an old car in the driveway.  We don’t know what these things are for, but they must have some purpose.  [They don’t – Girl]

Unfortunately we have noticed that the monster spider repellent does not appear to be working.  We found a big-ish spider the other night which made us all feel a bit creepy, even thought the girl was brave and put him out of the window straight away.

On a more positive note, we have also discovered a swing to play on if the weather is nice – Yippee!

More soon,

Love Momu. x


The Life of a Fisher Lad



Hello everyone!

We have been living by the seaside for a little while now and for the most part seem to have settled in to our surroundings well.

We Like:

To smell the salty air,

To see crispy chips covered in lots of salt and vinegar,

Ice creams with a swirl of sauce and

Seagulls screeching over our heads.

We do not like:

Sand (for fear of the washings that may follow),

The buffeting wind which comes off the sea and messes Steve’s hair up,

The smell of fish on the quay (this makes the boy feel sicky) or

Spiders as big as us who also have a tendency to pop into the new house on occasion. (We asked the girl to get some spider repellent spray.  I hope she checked properly that there were no spiders in with us before she started to spray all round the room, otherwise they will be repelled inwards and we will have to live with them forever…)

Here’s to a lot of happy (hopefully monster spider free) times ahead.

Orange Boat

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Momu and the huge gigantic spider monster


Hello Momu readers,

We are all hiding a bit here because we found a monster in the flat last night, and we are still recovering.

The humans tell us it was a spider, but it was much bigger than me or Mike (or me and Mike put together) and it had eight legs. We reckon this makes it a monster, no matter what anyone else says.

The boy had to be ever so brave (the girl was next to useless and only managed to open a window and run away) and he managed to get the monster into a catching device and put it out of the flat window. We think the monster is OK and is probably making his way into someone else’s house now.  We hope it isn’t going into the house with the dog, because however much the monster scared us, we wouldn’t want him to be scoffed by a dog.

In any case we don’t want it to visit again any time soon, especially if the boy is not here because the girl is rubbish when it comes to big monsters.

More soon,

Love Momu. x