Froome and Le Tour de France

Froome here,

Just wanted to know if you were enjoying watching The Tour this year? It is ever such fun to watch the humans go up mountains and go really fast on their bikes. And you can also see some very very nice bits of France as the helicopter cameras go around following the riders.

If you haven’t seen any of it, I think you should probably give it a try.


Happy bike watching,

Love Froome. x


The Football Continues


Hello Momu Fans!

We are coming to you a day earlier in the week than we normally do because the whole country seems to be going mad for this football thing.

The humans are looking forward to the semi final between England and Croatia this evening – if England win, it will be the first time for ages and ages that they have got to a final of the football world cup thingy. This makes it ever so exciting.

The TV Trio have been gripped – and I am sure they will be settling down this evening to watch the match.

Will you be watching too? Or do you go and do other things when the boys start kicking the ball around?

More soon,

Love Momu. x