New lad alert!

Hello Momu Fans,

We had a very exciting day the other day – a new lad arrived in the post of all things!

The boy had sent him through to the girl and us lads as a treat for the humans being together for a whole 11 years. I know, that is a very long time isn’t it?

Here he is, Iorek Byrnison. He says Iorek or IB for short. Maybe Mr Byrnison on Sundays or if he’s feeling fancy.

Here he is with Freddy and Bear, snuggling up to watch Strictly at the weekend. Yippppeeeeeeee.

More soon,

Love Momu x


TV trio and guest watch horror

Hello Momu Readers, 

Just a quick message from me about the TV trio (Ratty, Stuart and Eli)  and their sometime guests (usually Bear or more often New Lad -! – Philip)  and what they like to watch on the TV now that the nights are getting longer. Longer nights means more TV and snuggling. 

They basically like to watch horror films with the boy 

If they don’t get to watch horror films – like the time Strictly Come Dancing accidentally got put on – this happens. 

Ratty in particular is not impressed. Philip says he would have given it a go. (He was outvoted 3 to 1.)
What do you like to watch?

More soon,

Love Momu. x



Momu Small

Hi everyone;

The lads and me are getting a little bit sick of looking out of the windows and seeing this all the time;


We are seriously considering going into hibernation for the winter and not coming out until the spring has arrived and the sunshine peeps out again.  (We may also be persuaded out of hibernation temporarily for exciting things like Strictly Come Dancing and other telly delights.)

We may be some time,

More soon (perhaps…),

Love Momu. x

PS – We are almost sure that the hibernation thing might get a bit boring for such a long time, so don’t think that we won’t be around – we reckon that actually we will just be in bed for longer each day while it is dark and rainy outside.