TV trio and guest watch horror

Hello Momu Readers, 

Just a quick message from me about the TV trio (Ratty, Stuart and Eli)  and their sometime guests (usually Bear or more often New Lad -! – Philip)  and what they like to watch on the TV now that the nights are getting longer. Longer nights means more TV and snuggling. 

They basically like to watch horror films with the boy 

If they don’t get to watch horror films – like the time Strictly Come Dancing accidentally got put on – this happens. 

Ratty in particular is not impressed. Philip says he would have given it a go. (He was outvoted 3 to 1.)
What do you like to watch?

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Sunshine and Monsters



Hello everyone!

I hope you have had some sunshine where you are lately – Freddy was ever so excited because he managed to sit in a very small bit of sun in the girl’s room last night – this is unheard of, we thought the sun would never visit us here.  I will try and get a picture of him if the sun comes out again in the next few days.  He is all happy and smiley now.

Stuart helped to save the boy from what they thought was an unfriendly monster the other day;


He looks scary, but apparently he was quite nice when Stuart went up to him, so he is just mooching on the ceiling and not causing any problems after all.  Stuart did say that he will be keeping an eye on him and if he starts to get very big or mean then he will help to pop him outside instead.

I hope you have been having some adventures of your own.  Adventures are the best (even if they do sometimes involve monsters).

More soon,

Love Momu x


Bravery or Otherwise…


Afternoon Momu chums!

Ratty and Stuart (AKA The Rodents) asked me to write a tiny post about their supposed bravery the other night while they were watching Aliens.  (Apparently there can be massive arguments among Humans as to whether Alien or Aliens is best, but us lads tend to stay out of it – it all seems a little bit silly.  There is no such question surrounding Aliens 3 and 4 – apparently they are just rubbish.)

Lads watching Aliens

You will see that Ratty and Stuart are really close to the edge of the bed.  They think this shows bravery, I think it is silly – you can never be too careful if there is the threat of a boar attack, even with a hanky for protection.

Silly Rodents!  Luckily everything was ok and they just enjoyed the film like they were hoping too.  Let’s hope they don’t get too cocky.

More soon,

Love Momu. x