We went on an adventure!

Yippee!  It is wintery and frosty outside which means that it is nearly Christmas – us lads love love love Christmas!  After all one of us is in fact a Christmas Reindeer, which is the best kind of lad to be at Christmas.


(That’s me by the way.)

Some of us managed to hitch a ride on a train to go to the Country Living Christmas Fair down in London the other week.  Lads like trains, and they like Christmas, so this was a good day to have for some of the tiny lads among us.

the journey

This is Wol and Flynte getting a little overwhelmed by the whole experience.  (Flynte did compose himself and spent the rest of the day in a more acceptable manner.)


This is Tiny Tim watching the world go by on the train down to London – he was excited to see that the ‘Lympic Park was still there safe and sound.




This is the Fair.  It was massive and busy.  We were glad that we were little enough to be hidden in a bag.  We had a little snooze when things got a little bit too much – shhhh!

momu and rudolf

momu and santa

I even met another reindeer (he did not have a Christmas jumper on unfortunately) and even saw Santa!  Yippee!

free drinks

On the way home the humans managed to get first class seats – this meant that the boy and the girl got a free drink – yummy!

train home

This is all of us next to the sign that told the humans that they could have even more free stuff – quite nice to be posh sometimes!

We love trains and Christmas and adventures, and this was a lovely day.  We are looking forward to some more adventures soon and also of course Christmas itself.  Not long to go now everyone!


More soon,

Love Momu. x



‘Lympics, ‘Lympics, ‘Lympics!


Hello everyone!

We are ever so excited because the Winter ‘Lympics have started this morning!  We got up super early (even the girl) and spent the morning watching boys on snowboards jumping off things in the Slope Style event.  It was bonkers – Mike says he wants to have a go, but we think he might be a little bit small.

The lads that were around at the time really enjoyed watching the Summer ‘Lympics a couple of years ago, and the Winter ones look just as fun.  The girl has reminded us that if we are sad when this ends, we also have something called The Commonwealth Games in the summer – yippee!

Just a quick post today, me and the lads don’t want to miss anything!

More soon,

Love Momu. x