Autumn Sunshine


Hello Momu Readers!

We are back again – we are doing ever so well to write two weeks in a row aren’t we?

It has been ever so rainy and windy here for the last few days – Peter has put his jumper back on again.


He says he waited very patiently until October arrived before he put it on because it felt a little bit silly to be so wrapped up in September.  He is nice and toasty now though.

We have got a sunny day here today – it is very very chilly though.  It is a proper autumn day which we are ever so pleased about really.  Autumn means more mooching time and getting under lad blankets and human duvets – yippee!

Are you starting autumn where you live – or do you live on the other side of the world which means you are starting spring?  We think that is ever so interesting when things are the complete opposite!

More soon,

Love Momu x


Sunshine and Monsters



Hello everyone!

I hope you have had some sunshine where you are lately – Freddy was ever so excited because he managed to sit in a very small bit of sun in the girl’s room last night – this is unheard of, we thought the sun would never visit us here.  I will try and get a picture of him if the sun comes out again in the next few days.  He is all happy and smiley now.

Stuart helped to save the boy from what they thought was an unfriendly monster the other day;


He looks scary, but apparently he was quite nice when Stuart went up to him, so he is just mooching on the ceiling and not causing any problems after all.  Stuart did say that he will be keeping an eye on him and if he starts to get very big or mean then he will help to pop him outside instead.

I hope you have been having some adventures of your own.  Adventures are the best (even if they do sometimes involve monsters).

More soon,

Love Momu x


Exciting Post Arrived Today!


Whoohooo!  Hello Momu readers!

Today was a very exciting day indeed and it is only just gone 9 in the morning!  Do you remember I told you that we had won a goody bag from Tedmund-Ted the other day?  Well today it arrived in the post!

Momu and his big letter

It was a huge parcel – I had to get the girl to help me open it – I mean, I wasn’t really going to be able to manage it by myself was I, look at the size of it!

Here is what we found inside – the lads and me are ever so excited!

You're a winnerYippee!  We are winners!

BagA useful bag for carrying things in.

Photo FrameA pretty photo frame – I must remind the girl to get a photo of all the lads printed up to put inside…

A new ladLOOK A NEW LAD ARRIVED!! Happy times!

Look what we got!Isn’t it amazing?  We might take a little bit of time to recover from all the excitement this parcel has caused!  We might even have to start teaching the new lad how to mooch and snooze early today – especially as there is no sun to speak of (Freddy was quite cross because he has no sun again and Toby has found some at the boy’s house, but he cheered up a lot when the post arrived).

We are sure that the new lad would like to have a little rest – it can’t have been nice to travel all that way in an envelope.

We will chat to him in a bit to see what he would like to be called.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


A Good Day to be a Lad


Hello everyone!

Yippee for Wednesdays – especially when they are as exciting as this one has been!

I hope you have been enjoying some sun recently.  Freddy has been grumpy lately because he has heard from the other lads at the boy’s house that Toby has been enjoying sunshine for a lot of days in a row lately, and here at the girl’s house there has been limited sun.  Boo.

Today was a different story, look:

Monkey and Freddy

Freddy says that you probably can’t see in the photo, but he is all sparkly and ever so happy.  Monkey says he is happy in this photograph too, even though he looks like he might be a bit worried.

In other exciting lad news – there is a new addition!  A new addition day is always a good day!

Here is Marty;

Marty 2

Marty from the front

Marty 1

Marty from the side (he liked having his photo taken by all accounts)

Now, the lads at the girl’s house do not have an awful lot of information about Marty at the moment.  The boy found him and rescued him while he was out for a ride on his bike earlier.  Marty says he is going to be a car lad (there are a few of them that stay in the boy’s car for most of the time), and the others are going to teach him covert car skills.  (Me and the other lads do not know what this means – it is all top secret.)

So it has been an exciting day here and at the boy’s house – what fun.  Sunshine and a new lad = a good Wednesday.

More soon,

Love Momu. x

P.S – We don’t know why Marty only has one arm in his dressing gown, or indeed why he is wearing a dressing gown.  I will try to find out more information when we meet him in a few weeks time.


Huff, Puff – it is HOT!

Hello everyone!  Sorry there has been no word from us for a little while, but we have been trying to do as little as possible because it is so hot here.

Freddy says he likes the sun, but this is verging on too much even for him.

He says all he can do is this:

Freddy 1

With occasional breaks for this:

Freddy 2


More soon (ish – depending on the heat levels…)

Love Momu. x