Another New Lad!


Hello Momu Fans!

I hope you have all been keeping nice and warm lately – it has been so cold here.  The lads and me have been burrowing down into the duvet as much as possible to keep warm and toasty.  Jumbah has put his hat back on.


He says it is far too chilly to be without it now.

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you was that a new lad arrived the other day!  It is ever so exciting when that happens.


We have decided that his name should be Rafe IV.  I will tell you why another time (there are a lot of tigers milling around with us for some reason, they all seem to look very similar…).

We were a bit concerned that Rafe IV looked a little bit worried, and we were worried then that he wasn’t happy in his new home.  He says that he just looks like that most of the time, and that he was quite happy really, and that we weren’t to worry too much.


Here is a picture of us together – Rafe is quite a big lad compared to me, but he is ever so nice and not as scary as you would think a tiger might be.

He says he likes to mooch, tigers are quite shy and keep themselves to themselves, so he is happy just mooching around and chatting sometimes.


Hooray for new lads!

More soon,

Love Momu. x