Bertie and the Pie


Hello Momu Fans!

We are back again – hope you didn’t miss us too much (we know it will have been a little bit hard for you without us for a little while)!

We have been getting a bit busier here at the two houses we live in, and some of the lads have been going on little adventures between the two places again.

Bookmark Bertie has been travelling a lot recently and has found some very interesting things – like this;


Bertie says that the boy has put it in his tummy for safe keeping, the lads are a bit suspicious of this.

More soon,

Love Momu x




Hello Momu reader!

I am ever so sorry that I have not been here for ages and ages.  I am going to blame the humans because they have been busy and all over the place for the last few months, which means that the lads and me have not known where we are from one week to the next.

The humans have said that things will calm down soon enough, and that the lads and me will be ok to mooch in peace.  We are quite pleased about this actually as it is getting cold and dark here now that it is autumn.  This means that we would much prefer to be safe and warm in bed and mooching than travelling around after humans.

Normal Momu service will resume shortly – promise!

More soon,

Love Momu. x