Happy Birthday Whitey

Hello Momu Fans!

Just a quick message to say happy birthday to Whitey!

He is 35 whole human years old today. That’s quite a lot. But he says he still feels very good. He will be having a lovely day with the girl today. It’s her birthday too.

More soon,

Love Momu x


Birthday Treats


Hello Momu Fans,

It was Whitey’s birthday a few days ago (and the girl’s of course too) and some of us went out with the humans for tea.

Whitey was ever so excited – he is putting on his best photo face here. He says it is difficult to change his face much after all these years, but he hopes you can tell he is happy!

Flynte and Moomin came with us too because they are newish lads and wanted to see what all the fuss about birthdays was. They say they like the idea of them and are looking forward to the next one.

Corey Feltdog celebrated his first birthday at the boy’s house with some of the lads, he says he forgot to take any pictures in all the excitement, so you will have to imagine him having lots of moochy fun.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Momu Meets Corey Feltdog

Momu Small

Hello Momu readers!

I hope you are all fine and dandy today.

I am going to introduce you to a new lad today.  Exciting or what?

This is Corey Feltdog;


He arrived a couple of months ago and has the same birthday as Whitey (except that Whitey is a lot of lad years older, shhhh!)

A few of us were watching a film with the humans on the girl’s birthday – it was called The Lost Boys (we are not sure why, as they seemed to be in the film the whole time and not lost at all).  There was one person in it whose real name is Corey Feltman, and we liked him and thought that the new lad should have the same name.  We had to change the name a little bit because our Corey is a dog and not a man, and we didn’t want things to be confusing, so we called him Corey Feltdog.

Corey Feltdog enjoys mooching (as all good lads should) and has made good friends with Bill, Snowy, Freddy and Bear especially.  They all sit and watch for the horses that go past the window sometimes, they say it is ever such good fun.


Cory is almost never sad , and his cheery face can cheer up even the most grumpy human.  Yippee!

Cory and Momu

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Adventures in London


Hello Momu readers!

How have you been lately?  We have all been OK (although Jumbah was a little bit lost without University Challenge to watch last night) and have been enjoying some sunshine – Freddy is very happy about this.

So to very exciting news of our adventures in London!  The girl took me and Whitey to London on Saturday – we went on a train and then met the girl’s sister and went on another train to go and see Miranda Hart be silly for a couple of hours at somewhere called the O2 arena.  It was huge!

The O2 is big

Those people down there look about as big as me and I am tiny – we were very high up!

Getting ready to be brave and pop out of the bag

We got to our seats and we had to be very brave before we peeped out of the girl’s bag – it was quite scary.

Look how high up we are

But then we managed to get out and see everything properly – it was such fun!

Yippee!We didn’t understand some of the things that Miranda was talking about, but everyone else seemed to laugh a lot, so we think it must have been alright.  We were just happy to have an adventure – and it is always nice to have an adventure with another lad (especially if it is his birthday treat and it in a very good chatty mood) so you can be happy together.

Here’s to some more adventures!

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Jumbah the Winner!

Momu Small

Hello there Momu Fans!

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves – I hear it is something called the Easter Holidays here, which means everyone goes out no matter what the weather and goes on the beach.  Weird!  We think it is still definitely bed weather at the moment as it is all grey and windy – yucky.

Anyway, enough of that – guess what?  Jumbah won at University Challenge!


It was the last one on Monday and he says it was very tricky – even he was struggling a little bit (but don’t tell anyone).  The girl and the boy were watching this time with the girl’s dad, and Jumbah reckons they all gave up a little bit towards the end, because the questions did not even make much sense they were so hard.  I managed to get the truth out of Jumbah and he says he only got 7 right on Monday, so it must have been difficult.  I didn’t ask how many the girl got, just in case she was embarrassed.

In other lad news, there are rumours of a trip to London on Saturday for Whitey’s birthday treat (the girl keeps acting like it is for her birthday, but we know better).  We will let you know all about that as soon as we can!

More soon,

Love Momu. x