More rain



Hello everyone.

Freddy is getting crosser by the day here – he says he has forgotten what the sun even looks like because we have not seen it for weeks.


The other day it rained so much and was so windy, we thought we might be taken away like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  It was a close thing, but we managed to stay put.

The humans left the window open the other night, and lots of rain got in by mistake and make Bruce and Eric who sit on the windowsill very very soggy indeed – they were not impressed, but they seem to have dried out a bit now.  We have told the humans not to be so silly, and the window stayed shut last night.

We are hoping that the sun will come out later on today, or at the very least that the weather will do something fun like snow instead of just being grey all the time.

Fingers and paws crossed everyone!

More soon,

Love Momu. x


The Life of a Fisher Lad



Hello everyone!

We have been living by the seaside for a little while now and for the most part seem to have settled in to our surroundings well.

We Like:

To smell the salty air,

To see crispy chips covered in lots of salt and vinegar,

Ice creams with a swirl of sauce and

Seagulls screeching over our heads.

We do not like:

Sand (for fear of the washings that may follow),

The buffeting wind which comes off the sea and messes Steve’s hair up,

The smell of fish on the quay (this makes the boy feel sicky) or

Spiders as big as us who also have a tendency to pop into the new house on occasion. (We asked the girl to get some spider repellent spray.  I hope she checked properly that there were no spiders in with us before she started to spray all round the room, otherwise they will be repelled inwards and we will have to live with them forever…)

Here’s to a lot of happy (hopefully monster spider free) times ahead.

Orange Boat

More soon,

Love Momu. x